Adult Karate

We want to help you develop the skills and confidence to develop TRUE STRENGTH, not over others, but over your own body and mind. Our karate curriculum offers a challenging and rewarding program that will help maximize your physical and mental development. Classes are held on high-impact professional gymnastic mats. Classes are for adults only – children have a separate schedule. Also note that adults meet three times per week.

Classes are focused heavily on self defense. You will learn many things including escaping, countering, locks, limb destruction, grappling, rolling, proper break falls and throws to name a few. With consistent training you will learn to blend while allowing movement to flow with a calm mind. Because Folmar Sensei holds black belts in four different martial arts styles, the curriculum is a unique blend of hard and soft techniques.

Your success is the primary goal. As noted earlier, many friendships have been made in the adult class. Training and testing together forms a bond between students unlike many other activities. Karate training represents an ongoing test of endurance, skill and discipline for yourself – it’s not a competition with your fellow students. This spirit of respect and friendship benefits all because everyone in class wants you to be successful. In fact, the community spirit in the adult class is something the school is most proud of.

The closing part of our motto is “Begin with the end in mind”, or another way to put it, know where you want to go. Unlike many team sports, martial arts training truly rewards individual achievement, mental and physical discipline. These are an essential part of your martial arts training.

Give us a call at (817) 673-0935 – we’d love to answer any questions you might have!