Adult Aikido

Aikido is an effective martial art for self-defense that redirects an attacker’s energy against them. While often referred to as the “Non-violent martial art” Aikido is a highly effective tool for immobilizing and subduing an opponent (or opponents) when applied properly.

Unlike many Aikido programs or martial arts schools that only deal with defending against someone from their own style or with no training, ADAA Aikido students are trained to immediately neutralize attacks from trained individuals. You will learn to defend yourself against striking arts & kicking arts, grapplers, and untrained violent attacks. This is possible because of the experience of our instructors. Oliver Martinez, Jr. Sensei and Christopher Folmar, Sensei are not only ranked black belts in Aikido, but also hold Black Belt rank, and possess years of training, in martial disciplines that cover striking, kicking, grappling as well as bladed and impact weapons.

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About Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese Budo (Way of the Warrior) developed by Morihei Ueshiba (often referred to as O Sensei or Great Teacher). It can be translated as “the path of harmonizing energy”. On a physical level it involves comprehensive use of effective joint locks, strikes, throws, standing grappling techniques, nerve strikes, and manipulations derived from koryu (“old style” or “ancient”) forms of Jujutsu, and throws and other techniques derived from kenjutsu (sword arts) and jojutsu (walking stick arts). Unlike classical Japanese martial arts that stress victory at all costs on the battlefield, Aikido is a means of achieving a non-injurous resolution to conflict and to promote harmonious interaction between members of society.

Aikido focuses on leading an opponent’s energy and mind to gain control of their balance and body, or to throw them away from you. Aikido places great emphasis on motion and the dynamics of movement. Movements in Aikido should be natural and not forced. The application of aikido technique requires very little strength or athletic ability, therefore, aikido can be utilized by practically everyone! Most importantly, properly executed aikido techniques will not result in severe injury to an opponent.

Philosophically, Aikido is unique in its approach to dealing with attackers. O Sensei believed that an Aikido practitioner should have “loving protection” for an attacker. This means having developed the skill to not cause serious damage to them if at all possible. Or to only use the force necessary to stop the attacker and protect yourself and the attacker from harm.

Aikido students can find exactly what they are looking for, whether it is applicable self-defense technique, physical health, peace of mind, or spiritual enlightenment. O Sensei emphasized the moral and spiritual aspects of this art, placing great weight on the development of harmony and peace, as well as development of the practitioners’ character. Aikido is a discipline for the purification of self.

Practice of Aikido can be low impact and is generally recommended over hard styles, or striking arts, for students who have had previous injuries, or are not interested in high-contact martial training like sparring or tournaments.

The American Defensive Arts Academy Aikido program in Keller, TX is affiliated with the Mid-America Aikido Federation. Students receive internationally recognized rank, and may visit any MAAF school worldwide free of charge.