Children's Karate

Karate classes are divided by rank in order to give more attention to the students. Classes are for children with adults having a separate schedule. All sessions are held on high-impact professional gymnastic mats. We want to help your child develop the skills and confidence to develop TRUE STRENGTH, not over others, but over their own body and mind. The children’s karate curriculum is a shortened version of the adult curriculum that offers a challenging and rewarding program that will help maximize physical and mental development.

The goal of our children’s program is effective self defense and bully prevention. This is achieved by focusing on the A B C’s of Self Defense:

  • AWARENESS of your situation.
  • How to set and maintain good BOUNDARIES with verbal and non verbal language.
  • Ways to CONTROL yourself and others, if needed.

The martial arts have always taught values such as goal setting, self-esteem, persistence, positive attitude, self-confidence, self-discipline, as well as many others. The martial arts classes at ADAA teach these values with purpose. The principles of martial arts (Humility, Integrity, Concentration, Indomitable Spirit and Respect) are an integral part of our program. The American Defensive Arts Academy takes character development seriously. Children also have the ability to earn special uniform patches for Academic Achievement with excellent report cards from school. “All Star” patches are also awarded when a child has exhibited an outstanding example of character in the dojo, at home or at school.

Last but not least, learning should be FUN. The instructors believe that in order to keep kids interested, they should learn these difficult skills while having a good time. While class discipline is always maintained, the learning atmosphere is fun and challenging.

The closing part of our motto is “Begin with the end in mind”, or another way to put it, know where you want to go. One of the most important skills karate can teach a child is ‘indomitable spirit’ – the ability to overcome frustration and doubt to complete a goal successfully. This skill transfers to all areas of life yet it is an essential part of martial arts training. Unlike many team sports, karate truly rewards individual achievement, mental and physical discipline.